Burnt Skunk, Anyone?

So, the Government has backed out of implementing a full smoking ban in England, continuing their presidency of Invertebrates Anonymous!

And some eejit from FOREST says this is a victory for choice! What twaddle!! I don’t smoke and my choice would be to enjoy a drink and meal – wherever I choose – without having my air polluted by people on a mission to commit slow suicide. Why should they be allowed to choose to take me with them? I also choose not to stink like burnt skunk and, most importantly, I choose to breathe clean air!

(Have you ever smelt skunk? I have and it is one of the most revolting smells you couldn’t imagine.)

I reckon it’s high time for a UK-wide ban. Perhaps we should even, in the interest of choice, put it to the public at large and see what their democratic choice would be? I suspect FOREST and their like may not enjoy the result!


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