A Blow To The Hearts?

I was stunned though not surprised to see that George Burley has left Hearts after only a short while in the job. You have to assume that the differences between he and the club’s owner have become irreconcilable. I don’t see how it can ever work if a teams manager is having to work with players that have been bought in without his full knowledge and approval.

Now there are two questions to ask. Who will replace George Burley? I hope it won’t be Sir Bobby Robson as present speculation suggests. He was a very good manager in his day but, as his recent form in that department has shown, his day has passed. I think for a young developing team, they need a younger manager with a real fire in his heart…

And the next question – perhaps more important – is: what effect will this have on the teams performance? They have played very well so far this season but I would be worried that a period of instabillity in the board room will distract the players at a time when Celtic are nipping at there heels and Rangers are on the brink of getting going again (I hate having to concede that point, by the way, but Rangers do look like they will start to catch up especially if they get their European act together).

I shall be watching with interest to see what happens…


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