Smoking Kills!

A very simple statement of fact that – Smoking Kills. It has been shown that it does. So much so that when you buy your ciggies these days, you get a warning to that effect in nice bold face covering up about half the packet.

And yet, there are still idiots out there who insist that passive smoking doesn’t kill!?!? I just don’t see how they can say that.

When you smoke, you inhale all sorts of harmful chemicals albeit through a filter. This causes lung disease, cancer, etc., etc., and these things can kill.

If you don’t smoke but spend any time in a smoke filled atmosphere, you are inhaling the same chemicals. Some of which have been filtered and then exhaled by smokers – this is bad enough. But what is worse is that all this unfiltered smoke comes off the lit end, drifts into the air and, for some bizarre reason, makes a beeline for the mouth and nostrils of the non-smokers in the room.

Now if the filtered stuff causes lung disease, etc., the unfiltered stuff must also cause lung disease, etc., because it is the same stuff!!! Why is this so hard for some people to grasp?

So…Passive Smoking Kills too! QED

Time for it to be banned in public places.


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