The Things Even Younger Children Say

My other daughter has just turned two and is learning at an amazing rate.

When I got her up this morning, to get her ready for nursery, she spotted that I hadn’t put on my tie. “Daddy, where’s your tie?” she asked a couple of times. “I haven’t put it on yet. I’ll put it on later,” I told her. “Okay, Daddy. Later.”

I got on with the business of changing her, making breakfast, feeding cats, tidying up, the usual morning chores. Then I went to shave and brush my teeth, dutifully followed by my two-year-old sidekick.

My next stop was the bedroom. As I opened the door and went inside, a little voice asked “What are you doing now, Daddy?”

“I’m going to get a tie to put on.”

“Oh, good boy, Daddy. Well done,” she said as she toddled off down the hall.

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