The Things Children Say!

We were all sitting round the table for dinner last night and chatting whilst we ate. My wife and I think its important to actually talk to our kids and allow fairly open and wide ranging conversations with few taboo subjects.

At one point, my wife told me that our eldest daughter had asked if men could sit with their legs crossed. I said that of course they could and demonstrated by crossing my legs. I then asked my daughter why she thought men wouldn’t be able to do that.

“Does it not hurt their, you know, bits.” Was her innocent reply.

The conversation moved on and in a round about way arrived at the topic of homosexuals and whether or not they could sit with their legs crossed. I explained that they could, though that there might be situations when someone, irrespective of sexual orientation, couldn’t sit with their legs crossed comfortably – perhaps if they were very overweight or had very muscular legs. So, my daughter (who’s 12, by the way) then asks “What about transsexuals?”

“Well,” I replied, “I’m sure they can sit with their legs crossed too.”

My wife then decided to check if our daughter new what a transsexual was. From the answer she gave, it was clear that she had a fair idea but wasn’t entirely sure. So, after a very brief explanation, my wife asked if she new the difference between a homosexual and a transsexual. Her answer left my wife and I splitting our sides laughing:

“Is it that homosexuals do it in their homes?”


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