Death On The Road

Why is it that old people seem to think they can do whatever they like when they get behind the wheel of a car? Does sitting in the driver’s seat make them impervious to harm? Or are they actually looking for a quick way into the afterlife?

Take the old guy who pulled out in front of me today. I turned onto a roundabout, indicating my intention to turn left. The roundabout in question is at an open corner where you can easily see in all directions. In fact, you can see so well that I was watching this guy as he crossed the forecourt of the petrol station that sits on one side of the roundabout, as I went round the roundabout.

I took my exit and watched as this old fool just drove straight off the forecourt and cut across my path. If I’d been going just a little bit faster, we’d have crashed.

And do you know what really bugs me? The thing that made my blood boil and gave me insight into the mind of someone in the grip of an all consuming road-rage?

The guy was giving me a filthy look as if to say it was me that had been stupid!!!

Then, to crown it all, what do I see advertised on the tv shortly after this? An advert for cheap car insurance for drivers over 50, who are apparently 30% less likely to make a claim on their insurance than someone under 50! Yeah, well, I know why! It’s because these over 50s keep driving out into the path of oncoming vehicles and getting killed in the ensuing accident. You don’t find many dead people making insurance claims!!!


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