Farewell To A Comedy Great

Comdey legend Ronnie Barker dies

It was a shock to the system when I called up the BBC News web site this morning and saw this headline. I have always been a great fan of Ronnie Barker, having grown up watching The Two Ronnies on Saturday nights. As well as watching Porridge and Open All Hours. I lost count of the number of times we shouted “G-G-G-Granville” at one another as kids.

In each of these shows, Ronnie was a treat to watch, especially when giving one of his tongue twisting speeches or playing marvellously with words – never once getting his worms duddled.

And of course in the three shows he was well supported by some other comdey greats. Ronnie Corbett, Richard Beckinsale (who very sadly died young) and David Jason, who is another of the funniest and most versatile actors around. Each one’s character providing the perfect accompaniment and so enhancing the magic of the overall performance.

So, I for one am very sad to see Ronnie Barker make the trip to the Great Corner Shop in the sky.


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