Life’s A Bowl Of Calories

I’m on holiday, so this is my first post for several days. And it may be a day or two until the next, so bear with me.

Anyway, I’ve been watching the news today and am quite interested by the government’s plan to “encourage” all schools in England to stop serving junk food both in their canteens and their vending machines.

I have to say, I’m all for getting kids to eat healthy foods and take plenty of exercise in order to keep the obesity demon away and, as a parent, know how hard it is to get the little blighters to do both these things. However, my first thought was that this approach seemed rather draconian. Especially as it will become law by this time next year. But then, I saw some of the kids who were being interviewed to get their impression on the plan.

Some were saying no-one had any business telling them what to eat. Others that if adults could choose what they eat, then kids should be allowed to choose too. And others saying it didn’t matter if fizzy drinks, sweets and crisps were not available in school as they would just go and buy them elsewhere. Fair enough, you might think. But then it struck me! All the kids that were against this idea were already looking more than a little…shall we say “chunky”. You certainly have to say they were overweight. Perhaps not by much, but by enough to serve to underline the point being made by the government and dozens of doctors, health specialists, and the like.

For some, life may be like a bowl of cherries. But it seems that for more and more, it’s literally becoming a box of chocolate!


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