Bionic Teeth

During my first year at college, I stayed in digs with a rather motley bunch of characters. There were a couple of hardcore punks, complete with multi-coloured hair and assorted piercings. A skinhead. A foreign student. Too mention but four.

The foreign students was from Nigeria and was pretty tall and well built. He was also a hell of a good laugh and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. But he sometimes came across as being a little unhinged.

One evening, we were gathered in the tv room watching some mindless soap or other, when this guy turned round and bet one of the other students that he could pick him up with his teeth. God knows why doing that should occur to him to suggest, so the rest of us sat there shaking our heads. However, he was insistent so this other guy finally agreed to a bet of a pound that it couldn’t be done.

Our Nigerian mate then stood behind the other guy, bent down and took the guys belt in his teeth. With out a sound he then proceed to stand up, lifting Neil (I believe it was) clean off the ground. Everyone’s jaw dropped, including Neil who, after a few seconds suspension yelled to be let down.

After setting Neil back on floora firma, the Nigerian began to dance round the room chanting “You owe me a pound. You owe me a pound.”

Just another typical day in the life…


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