Here we go. Here we go. Again?

So, England have regained the Ashes. I’d offer my congratulations but I’m already fed up hearing them congratulate themselves.

It’s true that they’ve played well over the course of this tour and they do deserve their win but they have to remember that winning one Ashes series in 18 years does not make them the greatest cricketing nation in the world. I feel I must point out that they haven’t won the Football World Cup since 1966 and do not look like winning it again any time soon. And, yes, they did win the last Rugby World Cup but you wouldn’t believe it based on their current form in that sport.

So, by all means enjoy the moment but please, spare the rest of us and don’t spend the next 20 years trying to stuff this little victory down our throats. It has been a long, long time since Britannia ruled the waves!


One thought on “Here we go. Here we go. Again?

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