Celtic 4 – 0 Artmedia

Well done, Celtic. And way to go Gordon Strachan!!!

Okay, so the Bhoys haven’t managed the turn around that would have stunned the football world and seen them make it into the next round of the Champions League but they have done themselves and their manager proud.

WGS has done his job just as well as MON and in the space of a week has shaken things up and brought the team back to life. A clean sheet and four goals, some very fluid play and a work rate from all the players that would put Egyptian pyramid builders to shame. It is a shame the result wasn’t better but the green shoots of recovery are there.

Not that there isn’t still work to do. Celtic have done extremely well tonight and WGS is right to be proud of his team. Now the challenge lies in keeping the momentum going. With another couple of good results in the SPL and the return of some key players – missing tonight and perhaps now worrying about how they’ll get back into the first eleven – I see the potential for a treble (the league and both Scottish cups for the uninitiated). If our new oriental addition – Shunsuke Nakamura (hope I’ve got that right) – is as good as his word, and can bring some creative flair to the midfield, well who knows?

And again, to all those who have called for Gordon Strachan’s head, the team deserves better supporters than you. The media always take a pop in these circumstances and who really cares what they say – it’s a case of anything to sell the Daily Rag, or up the ratings. But to hear so called supporters spray the manager (and players) with such vitriol is sorry news indeed. There will always be ups and downs in football and you have to take the highs with the lows. I ain’t happy to see us out of Europe but life must go on. Let Gordon Strachan do his job because I think he could take us just as far as MON, maybe even further!

Good on you, Gordon!!!

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