The One Pound Litre

Well, what can one say? It’s far too long since I added anything to this blog. So, here is a nugget for those who are reading.

I took the car to work this morning – this is not the nugget – and noticed as I started the engine that the petrol gauge was pretty close to the empty mark. I drove the 18 miles to work, dropping my daughters off along the way – one to nursery the other to my parents – and decided I’d leave off getting petrol (actually it’s diesel) until later in the day. At about 10:30, after a visit to the bank, I thought “now is as good a time as any” and headed for the nearest filling station forecourt.

I’d heard a rumour that petrol (and diesel) prices in the Scottish islands had passed the £1 mark but I wasn’t quite convinced. Of course, this changed when I filled the car. £20.00 bought me less than 20 litres of diesel (19.82 litres to be precise). Now, what the hell is going on here!!!

It only costs about 88p per litre for diesel on mainland Scotland. Why is it a full 12p (about 13.6%) more where I live? It’s the same bloody stuff and does the same bloody job!!! Why do I have to pay more for it? Why does anyone over here in the Western Isles have to pay so much more?

I think I’ll set up my own wind farm, perhaps a couple of dams, and a nuclear power plant. Then, when the lights start to go out in London, I’ll sell them electricity for ten times as much as I’ll charge anyone who lives on the islands…..


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