A New Dawn

So, Gordon Strachan is now the Celtic Manager! And I reckon he’s a good choice for the job – his managerial record is pretty good even if it’s short and he knows the game very well indeed.

From what I see on the Celtic Web Site, he’s confident of keeping a lot of the current key players in the squad but is also going to augment these with some new signings having already agreed a budget with the board. Sounds very encouraging.

What is also encouraging is that he has had positive discussions with Craig Bellamy – who played under Strachan previously at Coventry City. If he can keep hold of Mr. Bellamy that will be a very good start. Especially considering the impact he made during the final stages of the season just ended.

Equally encouraging, though whether they are true, are sounds of interest from Robbie Keane and Anti Neimi! Both excellent in their respective positions. Hmmm, if we can start pulling in names like that then maybe one new dawn will see Celtic lining up in the Premiership.

Anyway, here’s to the current dawn let’s hope it’s as bright as it’s promise!


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