Who Does Our Society Value?

I watched a program the other night featuring the celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s School Dinners I think it was called. And, I saw something on this program that alarmed me. The program was all about getting schools to provide more healthy meals for pupils and to cut down on sugar, fats, and salt.

At present, about 40 pence per pupil is spent on ingredients for meals but Mr. Oliver is advocating that this should be increased to at least 70 pence. This sounds great. However, the 70 pence figure pales into insignificance when the program went on to say that this is still only half as much as is spent on the ingredients for each meal served to the inmates of Britain’s prisons!!!

What the hell is going on here? Surely our children’s health and well being should have a higher value than that of those who have been sent to prison for their crimes (some of which were no doubt perpetrated against children!). Why not take the money spent on prison food and use it to provide children with healthy meals and the prisoners can survive on a measily 40 or 50 pence per meal!!!

Who as a society should we value more? Our children, who are our future? Or people who have been convicted of crimes and thereby have shown they should be consigned to the past?


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