Whingeing For England

In this article, David Campese berates Andy Robinson, the current England Rugby coach for whining in the wake of their recent Six Nations performance, especially in regard to losing to Ireland. Robinson claims that they lost because two tries “were ruled out without recourse to the video referee.”

So what. The referee is the final arbitrator on the pitch in rugby, football, or whatever sport, and he calls things the way he sees them. If the ref calls a try, it’s a try. If he’s convinced he saw something that rules the try out then it’s not a try. Video evidence is only there to help out in cases of uncertainty not to dictate the result.

There does, as Campese suggests, seem to be a tendency for England to assume that because they are World Champions then it is their right to win any game without question. They carry this attiture into other sports too. No-one has the right to win any game they play, all you can do is play your best, work hard and hope a little bit of luck goes your way. Even then, you are not guaranteed a win as you never now when a nippy wee Irishman will score a last minute try and snatch victory away from you.


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