More than a ‘Clampdown’ is needed!

‘Clampdown’ on animal activists

The above article on the BBC News Web Site, contains the following quote from an animal activist about the planned clampdown on their activities:

“The government is bringing in laws to protect people who murder animals. Does this mean that people who are being harassed in other walks of life – such as a woman who is being stalked – are less important?”

I can think of several things to say about this type of person, none of which are polite, pleasant, or politically correct. Women and other victims of crime are protected by the laws of the land, even if these could be improved in several areas. And there are specific laws that deal with stalking and harassment. There are also laws that govern the treatment of animals. These are the same laws that activists flaunt by harassing and intimidating people at their place of work and, even worse, in and around their homes. I bet this guy would complain to the authorities pretty quickly if someone came and waved banners and placards outside his house, threatened him and otherwise abused him. If you’re going to protest, then do it sensibly and within the law otherwise you will never achieve anything other than the alienation of the people you seek to persuade. I would like to see more being done to protect animals but at the moment, it seems the best thing to do would be to lock the activists up and let calmer, more responsible people and agencies get on with the job.


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