Football Madness 3: Only A Friendly

Well, I sat and watched the Spain v England friendly last night followed by highlights of the Scotland v Sweden game. And what can you say?

The Spanish supporters want shooting for the racist chants they aimed at Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

But Wayne Rooney wants shooting for letting is own side down. The lad has talent but it’s height is sadly matched by the depths of his temperament. I can’t remember when I last saw such a bad-tempered display. The moment when he stalked from the park and threw is black arm band down in a fit of pique was appalling (what way is that to honour the memory of the likes of Emlyn Hughes!!!).

And finally, to Scotland. There were flashes of near brilliance in evidence but again no sign of the killing touch around goal. Perhaps it is just as well that Larsson, Ljungberg and Ibrahimovitch were not present. Even without them to contend with, I see that Tommy Burns is not so keene to take up the managerial mantle on a full time basis – can’t say I blame him.


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