I had a bit of a “discussion” with my brother the other day about the merits of the Scottish Parliament’s plan to ban smoking in public places such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, public buildings, etc. He doesn’t think the plan will work and that there will be an uprising by the licensed trade and other affected parties.

On the other hand, I think it’s a brilliant idea. On far too many occasions, I’ve had my air polluted by someone’s second hand smoke – not to mention the even worse and completely unfiltered stuff that comes right off the end of their fags! If someone wants to kill him/herself slowly then that is their right. However, they have no bloody right to try and take me with them. There are plenty of other toxins and carcinogens they could inject, for instance, rather than spoiling the air that others have to breathe. Or if they’re that determined to die, perhaps a gun, or free fall onto some concrete would suffice.

Perhaps the uprising should come from those of us who no longer wish to be poisoned in public!!!

Which is why it makes me feel good to see plans to introduce a similar ban in England and Wales making the news today 🙂


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