Second-hand Views

It was tragic to hear this lunchtime that one of the Canadian submariners rescued from the stricken Canadian sub died from his injuries. However, it was appalling to hear a defense analyst speaking about the tragedy…

Apparently, the Canadians should have expected to experience difficulties as a consequence of buying second-hand submarines. To an extent that is true, when you buy second-hand not everything will be perfect. But you certainly don’t expect all four of the submarines you purchase to be plagued by technical problems and for the last to catch fire leading to the death and injury of several crew members within days of its relaunch.

As my brother remarked, there are plenty of dodgy second-hand car salesmen out there. But a dodgy dealer in second-hand submarines… Another example of the government pushing the limits of the war-making bubble in new directions perhaps?

Ironic that this should make the news on the same day that headlines proclaim that there were no weapons of mass deception… oops, sorry, destruction to be found in Iraq.

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