National Pride…

As you may guess from my location, I am a Scot and, like all Scots, am proud of that fact. As is also quite common for my countrymen, I take my Football very seriously.

Whilst I know that our international record in that arena leaves a lot to be desired, our present situation is very alarming indeed. I don’t think this is because of the players – after all we have some very talented youngsters coming through the ranks (David Marshall, James MacFadden, to name but two). I think the problem lies more with the manager’s approach. To wit, his assertion that it is not important for us to beat Norway at home this weekend!

What is Mr. Vogts thinking? That we can afford to drop points against Norway because we can take some from Italy?!?

I’d say, he has to reassess his viewpoint pretty quickly. If we hope to qualify for the 2006 World Cup, we have to start thinking that it is important to win every game! I know we can’t expect to win every game but we cannot rely on the chance of the other teams in our group dropping points against each other, allowing us to slip through the group stage by mathematical happenstance. Therein lies a certain shortcut to elimination!!!


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