He shook free from the clutches of a hellish dream – suffocation, confined in the darkness of a slime-soaked tunnel. Reality was worse – the silken walls of a coffin and six feet of moist, stony soil.


Frantic knocking at 2:45am is never a good sign, thought Albert as he glanced at his bedside clock. He hustled downstairs and opened the door to a very unexpected Valentine and the last thing he saw – a young boy armed with a bow.


He was struggling to think of how he could make Valentine’s Day as special as his birthday. Perhaps he could dress as cupid and pay a late night visit to some random house, armed with the very real archery set he had received from his estranged father.


Dressed as a vampire David crept through the night-clad cemetery to where his friends waited; he was going to give them one hell of a fright when he sprang from behind a headstone. But they were already dismembered and dead, victims of the mad axeman who only laughed and swung his weapon afresh when David leapt into view.